Departments & Ministries

Ministries & Departments

Children Ministry: This department is involve into child evangelism , parenting, food and non food items provision to War affected and distituted children, organizing Christmas parties , Christian video shows and fun games. This department is also in partnership with other children groups and ministries.
Youth Department: This department seeks to bring youth from every sector of life with the aim of revealing to them the role of the youth in God’s agenda through Music, fellowship, conferences, retreats, sports among many others.

Women Department: The women ministry is involve into intercessory fellowship, women empowerment programs, community outreach, Home care and adult literacy . Many of its members are widows, war affected women, youths, single parents and old age groups.

Prayer Ministry: This ministry is involve in conducting intercessory prayers for the Church and its branches nationwide through the hosting of prayer retreats, Tarrys , watch nights, Fast and prayer rallies.

Care for Pastors Ministry: This department seeks to create awareness and generate motivational support through fundraising, housing, Scholarships and prayers for its pastors and other ministries pastors who are serving faithfully to enable them continue the work of the Ministry.

Outreach Ministry: This department is involved in preaching the gospel of Christ to the lost souls nationwide through evangelism, such as crusades, revivals, deliverance and community relief.

Sunday School & Bible Study Ministry: This department serves as a teaching arm of the ministry through which all group are being addressed. Some activities include; new convert class, baptismal classes, marriage counseling, etc.